As of November 13, 2023 Asthma & Allergy has migrated from a software system called PDS to a new software system called Azalea.

 Any balances that have been accumulated prior to November 13, 2023 are still being billed from PDS and you will receive a statement indicating as such.

Any charges accumulated from November 13th and after will be billed through Azalea and you will receive a new statement for those charges.   Please reference your statement in order to correctly pay your balance.  Click the button below to access the correct statement.  ​If your account starts with AAA select Azalea from the dropdown list accessed from the link below.  If the account is numbers only select the second option.

If you have questions about your statement and how to pay, please give us a call. We will continue to accept payment by phone, in person and mail.